Republicans Annoy Me!

Unapologetically Liberal!


First things first, I want you to understand a few things about me:

  • I am not a professional pundit, politico, journalist, politician, nor any profession associated with politics.
  • I have strong opinions about issues, because I give a damn about EVERYONE and not just myself.
  • I used to be a Republican, or at least claimed to be. I thought, when I was younger, that it was cool to be like every one of my peers who just wanted to show how tough we were, and thought anyone who spoke up for a cause that wasn’t “American” was a wimp or “Commie.”
  • I have become frustrated with the gridlock, blatant obstruction, and raw anger that is displayed everyday by our political “leaders.”
  • I believe in action that benefits the whole of society, not just the individual.
  • If you’re a Republican, Libertarian, or lean to the right politically, I’m probably going to make you mad!
  • I hope you are at the very least, challenged to think about some of the things I will talk about.
  • If I’m wrong about something, and there’s proof, I have no problem admitting that, But be civil if you feel compelled to point it out.
  • I keep my identity hidden here, not because I’m scared of someone’s opinion, but I don’t want to deal with someone getting offended then harassing my family or I in real life (it happens, yes.).


Otherwise, I’m just a standard, early middle-aged American Democrat, living in a Red State. I’m a Veteran, and I grew up in the 80s.

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A few rules about the blog (that also apply to the Facebook and Twitter Pages):

  • If you feel the need to comment on something I’ve said you should 1. Be civil in tone, 2. Be prepared for the response, no matter if it’s going to make you madder, and 3. Watch the Language.
  • I reserve the right to moderate My Blog. That means, if you give me reason, I will gladly delete your comment and remove you from my page. That doesn’t mean I’m into censoring anyone who’s having a reasonable discussion. It means, NO TROLLS!
  • If you don’t enjoy or like what I wrote, feel free to not visit.
  • If you have, or know of a topic you would like to see me address, I’ll gladly take suggestions through the Contact Page.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you like what I have to say.