I remember a time when I had hoped for a more civil discourse: No more!

I remember a time when “Libtard” wasn’t the go to answer for Republican sympathizers: No More!

I remember when we used to have passionate, yet reasonable debates, because in the end, everybody moved the ball down the field together: No More!

I remember a time when there were actually people on the internet to disagree with, not bots designed to annoy and pick fights: No more!

I remember when there were red and blue states, but it didn’t matter because there was only one United States: No more!

I remember when the Eagle flew and kept one weary eye turned towards Russia because they were NOT our friends: No more!

I remember when Republicans speaking didn’t cause me a rise in blood pressure: No more!

I remember not having to scoff and scream openly at the news: No more!

I remember when you didn’t have to judge a person based on whose campaign shirt they were wearing: No more!

I remember when my country was moving back in a positive direction: No More!

I remember when you didn’t have to loose, or let go. of friends because of your or their Politics: No more!

I guess I’m just not a nice person anymore!

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Those words have been rattling around my skull for a few days now, so I finally let them out. I hope you like them.

When I consider a problem, I not only try to see the other persons side, but I try and step back and see the entire situation from the perspective of an outside viewer. It’s just something I was taught early on and has served me well.

I take that perspective with the political system in America today, and I only wind up more frustrated. Imagine you are an observer in say, Spain. There are some things, but less than most, that affect you when the US does something. So there you are, sitting on the beach looking out at a big ocean, thinking about your cousins miles away. What do you see:

  • One group of people desperately trying to pass a law, getting rid of a law that helps people, just so they can say they did something, no matter the consequences.
  • A government that literally hasn’t accomplished ANYTHING in the last 6 months, except reversing what the last guy did.
  • A once proud nation that drew a line in the water, stood up to the bear and made him back down, now being violated (digitally) by that same bear and not really acting like it gives a damn!
  • One man desperately trying to build a long wall, not realizing how easily defeated it can be, just to appease his own ego and fool his followers.
  • A “leader” that trusts an inexperienced family with tasks and secrets, but not the paid professionals that deal in them day in and day out.
  • People dying every day from guns that the government refuses to regulate.
  • Church leaders that want to impose their beliefs in the government. in schools, and throughout the public

And thats just the tip of the iceberg. Put yourself in that position and see what you can add to the klist (in the comments if you like). Now try to feel that mans frustration at trying to understand just how this takes place. Now imagine (shouldnt be hard) the anger and resentment felt by someone dealing with it, trying to push America forward.

Now figure there is a large group of people ACTIVELY trying to stop progress, and even wind back the clock. Imagine many of those are easily manipulated, and only know how to parrot talking points. Now Imagine having a conversation with that person, who repeats the same lines even though they have been proven wrong hundreds of times!

That is why I don’t have to be a nice person anymore, and neither do you!


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