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I remember about ten or so years ago, there was a TV show called Scare Tactics. The basic premise was that it was a prank show, where your friend would set you up to go into a scenario where something supernatural and potentially life threatening would happen (ghost, monster, alien, serial killer, you get the point. Anyways, at the end of the gag, the one of the actors would ask the mark “Are you scared, Are you scared?” To which they would normally be shaking and crying and answer “Yes!” The actor would then end with “Good, you’re supposed to be, you’re on Scare Tactics!” Then you get to see the marks reaction, and the wave of relief wash over their face as they realize they aren’t going to die.

I so wish that would happen this election. Just, one day, or at Inauguration, Trump looks into the camera and says “Well America, are you scared yet?” If you’re me, you’re at home screaming at the TV; YES!! Then he turns to the microphone and in that smug, Manhattan accent says”Good, cause all of you are on Scare Tactics!” Then Hillary walks out, takes her oath of office, and we all live happily ever after,

Oh, how I wish it could be so! This national embarrassment ended as a joke. Hardy har har!

But alas, it’s not likely to come to pass. Barring a Hail Mary pass from the Electors of the Electoral College next month, he is likely to get sworn in January. Even if he pulls a William Henry Harrison and catches pneumonia, it will be too late, Pence will be President with a cabinet and staff that’s the Who’s Who of far-right and alt-right figures that are generally marginalized to the fringes of society.

What figures you ask? Well, to name a couple:

  1. Mike Pence – right from the get-go, his Vice Presidential pick is as polarizing and partisan as they come. His biggest issues revolve around social issues, Abortion and Gay Rights being at the top of the list. He recently signed a bill in Indiana, where he was Governor, that required ALL fetuses that were lost early or aborted, to have a funeral! He also recently told Congressional Republicans to “be ready to move a lot of legislation next year.” What kind? One only wonders!
  2. Steve Bannon – Trump has named him as Chief Strategist (Karl Rove’s old job with W. Bush). He ran, and did a radio  show for Breitbart News, a noted right wing outlet that is said to be the darling of the alt-right. He is also known to be very anti-Semitic. This man will have the ear of President Trump, one only wonders what he’ll be whispering into it!
  3. The gentleman pictured above, Lt. General Michael Flynn – Has been named as Trump’s National Security Advisor, you know, the person who recommends what we do to protect the U.S., how we use our military, etc. How bad could a Lt. General be, you ask? After all, Flynn commanded troops and he headed the Defense Intelligence Service. His resume might be impressive, but his words should scare the hell out of you. More on him below.


Not to mention some of the people who have not been offered a position yet, Giuliani, Palin, Christie (maybe) to name a few. Could you imagine the damage Sarah “Drill, /Baby Drill” Palin could do to the Department of Energy if she wound up there? It would be like tapping a climate change denier as head of the E.P.A.! Oh wait, he did that already.

More and more, it appears that Trump isn’t vetting and choosing the most experienced or qualified people to fill his Administration. He’s just picking the names he’s seen on TV before, that haven’t said anything bad about him. Personally, I’m waiting to see how Scott Baio (Chachi from Happy Days) handles Press Secretary. Or maybe Sean Hannity will get that job.

He is also likely to appoint 2 to 3 judges to the Supreme Court. What sort of Motley Crew can we expect there? What are the qualifications: Anti-Abortion, Anti-Women, Anti-minority, etc., etc., etc.!

But back to the person in the picture. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. This man is going to be the next National Security Advisor. This prospect should be enough to terrify you and have you in the streets.

First, he hates Islam. He has likened it to a political movement and not a religion. This view makes it easy for him to justify a broadening war, or courses of action in the “War on Terror.” It is by no means a stretch of the imagination that he would recommend stepped up bombing, drone strikes, and more troops in the Middle East. How far of a walk s it from that to recommending the use of Nuclear weapons?

It’s no secret in Washington that Flynn and the Obama Administration do not see eye to eye on many things. He resigned  in protest from his position as the Director or the Defense Intelligence Agency over several differences, including the Administration’s refusal to label terrorists as “Radical Islamist.”

He is a registered Democrat, who is adored by the right for his very hard-line stance against America’s adversaries. All save Russia that is. Like his boss, Flynn has made positive comments, and is rumored to have an affinity for Putin and the Russians. How might this affect his recommendations if, say, the Russians kept bombing civilians in Syria, the Russians decide to invade the rest of the Ukraine, or the Russians decide to take back the Balkan States, now members of NATO?

He relentlessly attacked Secretary Clinton on the campaign trail over the “e-mail” issue, and frequently led the crowds in chants of “Lock Her Up!”

By all accounts, if he accepts, this ill tempered man with an intransigent belief system will be advising an already unstable, and unhinged candidate on all manners of National Security and Foreign Policy. That combination alone should be enough to put the fear of God into any sane person, about the next 4 years to come!



Trump offers national security adviser post to Michael Flynn