Dear sir or madam,

There are some of you that stand to gain quite a bit from a Trump Administration. Either financially or philosophically. That’s your way, right? As long as I get what I want, screw everybody else. That’s O.K., I can understand that. I don’t condone it, I think you’re a selfish prick! But, at least I can comprehend the logic.

There are those of you who are just so dying for something to change, you’ll embrace anyone who promises to give it to you, narcissistic demagogues included.

There are those of you who have become so convinced that Hillary Clinton is “crooked” that you’ll vote for anyone else. You believe this so fervently, it’s almost as if she cheated you personally. All this despite the fact that there is no evidence to support this, the only source you have as evidence is years of failed investigations and the talking heads at Fox.

Then, there’s a whole lot of you that will vote for anyone with an (r) by their name. It doesn’t matter who it is, as long as one of our people win, then America’s going to turn around and get “great again.” It doesn’t matter to you, things like:

  • New evidence arises that he may not have paid income taxes in 20 years. You don’t care, you will say that makes him smart.
  • He believes Global Warming is a hoax (by the Chinese), We will show you research by over 95% of climate scientists proving it, and you will just point out that it’s snowing in January as your proof.
  • He threatens to drag Bill’s indiscretions into the campaign. We’ll point out his three wives and how he openly cheated on the first two, and it won’t matter because all you know is you hate the Clinton’s.
  • He wakes up at 3 in the morning and makes incoherent, rambling Tweets. We’ll point out how immature and unstable this is, and you’ll just applaud that hes up that late thinking about things that are important to your people.
  • He is openly endorsed by every alt-right, Nazi, and Racist group in the country. So well call them deplorable, and then you’ll be the ones to call us “Intolerant Liberals.”
  • He refuses to measure his words despite the repercussions at home and abroad. We’ll point out that he threatened not to defend NATO members, and you’ll just say the=at you like that he speaks from the heart.
  • He is nowhere near as charitable as he brags. We’ll point to evidence that he never gave a million dollars to Veterans and only gave $600,000 when pressured by media sources, and despite this you’ll say he gave the million.
  • He openly encouraged violence at his rallies leading to fights and other types of mob behavior. We’ll show you video and you’ll just say it’s out of context or that “he deserved it.”
  • He openly insults your system, your values, your family, you personally. Again, we’ll show you video and print clippings, and you’ll endorse him anyway saying “I have to get behind the Party’s Nominee.”
  • Several years ago, he openly supported Democrats and their policies. We’ll show you the interviews, and you’ll just say he’s wised up to our “evil” Democratic ways.
  • He has declared business bankruptcy 7 times, and says he plans to run the country the same way. We can show you all the filings and articles about it and you’ll ignore those and continue to believe that “He’s a great,successful businessman,” and “That’s what the country needs.”
  • He’ll say the last 8 years have been terrible. We’ll produce evidence of things like the stock market doubling, the deficit being cut, and the budget balancing, and you’ll say it’s all just numbers and Corporate Democrats trying to make themselves look good.
  • He has been rebuked and called unqualified by ALL 5 living Presidents (one of which, a Republican, has openly stated that he would vote for Clinton). We’ll show you the quotes, and you’ll just say that it’s because he’s not a politician and wants to “shake up” their corrupt system that these don’t count.
  • He’s sexist and hates women. We’ll show you tapes of things he’s said, including calling Rosie O’Donnell a “pig” and saying he’d punch her to calling a former Mrs. Universe “Mrs. Piggy,” and you’ll just ignore this or say that they probably deserved it.
  • And the list goes on and on and on…..

Basically, it doesn’t matter the evidence in front of you, you’ll either ignore it, challenge it with something factually inaccurate, blame it on a “Liberal” conspiracy, or some other kind of deflection. Anything to morally or philosophically justify your choice, even though in your heart of hearts, voting for him is the wrong thing to do, for yourself, for your friends, and for this country!

No matter what form your obtuseness takes, I’m sure I’m not going to change my mind, and you probably won’t either. That is, unless you have a flash of sanity in the voting booth.

In summary:

If you know that he is the worst possible choice and you’re voting for him anyways because he’s the Republican, you’re an Idiot!

If you’re just confused, or believe what he says, or all you know is that he’s not Clinton, you have a little over a month to remove your head from your ass!