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So it’s been 24 hours and here goes. First, I’m sure somebodies wondering ‘why did he take so long?’ Well, quite frankly, I’m not fighting for ratings, Ad dollars, or anything else so I am not going to do this in a hurry. Basically, I wanted time to think about it.

First off, I guess it’s very hard for me to choose a winner! I mean, it was an even match, right?

Wrong! Just Kidding folks. It was pretty obvious to me, and a lot of others that Hillary won. Trump looked like that one kid in grade school who didn’t bother to read the book for the test, but knew three or four points from the Cliffs Notes pretty well, so he tried to bend all his answers to fit the ones he knew. Then blew that! Once you add on the fact that he was using incorrect Cliff’s Notes the whole time, it’s no wonder that he went off the rails so early.

Now for those of you who read through all that, and didn’t click off thinking I’d lost my mind:

Coming out of the gate, for the first 5 minutes, it looked like it might be a different debate. Hillary looked like she was struggling a bit to adapt. I tend to believe that’s because she had a couple of game plans, whether he was Nice Donald, or just plain regular Donald. After he fired off the first “wrong” in the middle of her rebuttal to something, I think she, and us, knew which Donald they were getting. Game on!

After that, she stayed composed, and didn’t back down when challenged. Trump on the other hand! Where to begin. Like I mentioned above, he only had the few canned answers that he was making try to fit all the questions, He was his usual blustery, overbearing, rude, and short tempered self. His total lack of respect and preparation showed.

And my God, the sniffling! Personally, I thought he was setting up a “I’m sick and on medicine” excuse. Howard Dean, former Governor and candidate for President (remember the “Dean Scream”), who just happens to be a Doctor, tweeted a question wondering if Trump was on Cocaine. Likely no, but I’m glad there was a Democrat somewhere who was willing to engage the Trump camp in the “there’s something there, we just can’t prove it” and the “some people are saying” games. Trump surrogates do it all the time.

I haven’t heard so many outright lies told in that short a time span since the time I used to catch shoplifters for a living. I won’t catalog them all here, they’ve been fact checked into the ground by now anyways. I will mention the couple of notable ones that I caught while watching.

  • Not so much a lie, but dumb nonetheless was when he responded that “buying cheap properties” after the housing market crash made him a “good businessman.” So, he thinks people should overlook the fact that he takes advantage of people in dire straights, and makes money off of them, because he is a “good businessman. More on that later though.
  • He also implied that not paying any taxes was “good business.” Now, I’ll be the first to admit, running my own small businesses, that you want to minimize your tax burden as much as possible, but to have it at none for a couple years straight implies to me that he probably pays an army of accountants good money to get him to “net zero.”
  • There was one point in the middle of all that discussion that he said his Loyalty as a businessman was to his company. So, we can expect his loyalties to change the moment he’s sworn in? If he was such an America lover, why not pay your fair share of taxes and help those in crisis with their homes?
  • One of his constant points was our “stolen jobs” by Mexico and China and whomever. Let me say something about that: Every time I hear him talk about “stolen jobs” I envision this large Chinese Army coming here, leveling a bunch of factories, and stealing all the people and machines and taking them back! The truth is, AMERICAN companies are sending those jobs overseas in search of low cost, unregulated labor. It is actually cheaper in most cases to take raw material, ship it overseas, have someone there make the components, and in most cases, assemble the product, and then ship it back here for distribution. That’s not being “stolen,” that’s giving them away freely.
  • When he said that he was endorsed by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), he implied the agency did it, when in fact, by law, they can’t endorse anyone. In reality it was the Border Patrol Officers Union. (see below in Related)
  • There were several others, but these are the big ones I can recall. I’m sure there’s a more comprehensive list somewhere. It seems sometimes, that Trump is unaware there is an Internet, where things reside forever and can be looked up and verified. It was like Hillary said last night that Trump was “used to living in his own reality.”

Hillary Clinton did not go the whole night either when she told one whopper. Although it was hard to hear any specifics or Policy points over Trump’s constant chatter, but this one was pretty clear:

She said, “Donald, it’s good to be here with you tonight.”

Now that is the mark of a true professional, someone who’s been around for 30 years of dealing with unsavory types that you have to be polite to, and deliver that line with a straight face! I doubt I could do it.

On a final note, apart from “I’m not a career politician.” his other main message about why he should be elected is that “I’m a great businessman,” and “I know money.” Let’s address that point. He seems, from what I can tell, to run his businesses on a”leverage” strategy. Loosely translated, the companies ability to continue to take on new debt and use operating revenue to service that debt. In a nutshell, he doesn’t use what the business brings in to pay the bills, he pays off the creditors with that. He uses the capital that he borrows to pay all the bills like utilities, payroll, etc. When the pool of capital runs low, he just goes out and borrows more money. As long as the revenues (and equity in the assets) are good enough to cover the bill, the Banks will lend him money all day long. When that cycle can’t support itself anymore, either because revenues went down, there is no more equity, or whatever, then he declares Chapter 11 (business bankruptcy) for that business and starts over again with a clean slate. Not to mention all the fraudulent and questionable deals and products his name is attached to (Trump University for example). Now, does this sound like a “Great Businessman” to you?

Well, in summary, it was a debacle for Trump. The best lesson for the kids is to prepare, prepare, prepare. The excuse trains have already left the stations (and in fact, did so the second the debate ended. The first train is all the reasons he was “cheated,” and “treated unfairly” by the media, moderator, Hillary, the Great Pumpkin, whomever he’s thinking about at the moment. The other train is preparing people to not expect him to attend the next ones. Really, would you want to go through that again?

If I was Kellyanne Conway, I’d curl up in a ball in my office and cry until next week. First for his horrific performance and then because she’s going to have to look into cameras and eyes everywhere and lie saying “he did fine. I think he won.” Oh, to have no conscience while doing Damage Control must be nice.

The surrogates are already out en masse making excuses or saying it was “a tie'” or if you’re Rudy Giuliani, just making yourself look like a fool. In fact, it took Trump himself less than a minute to blame it on a “faulty microphone.”

In conclusion, I can only have one opinion about the results of this debate:

donkey kicking elephant dennismansfield com



PS: Just one more question I have; I wonder if Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are somehow secretly relieved they didn’t qualify to be in the debate?


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