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We all know there are a significant number of people out there that are either so unhappy with the political system, or so unhappy with their and the other parties candidate. It’s what they say they’ll do in November that causes all the friction. Tons of “#Bernieorbust” voters say they will vote Libertarian or Green because they feel Hillary “stole” the primaries. Lots of Republicans, not happy with Trump, and not willing to bite the bullet and vote for him say they won’t even vote at all.

It’s folks in the last group I want to discuss here. Let’s face it, if we are successful in turning out the voters all over, and finding ways around the roadblocks put up by Republicans everywhere, We will overcome the difference, and vanquish Trump to the ass heap of history where he belongs. Quite frankly, were not going to change too many of their minds this late in the game.

However, I was catching last nights “Overtime with Bill Maher” on demand and the one Republican panelist was not a Trump Supporter (he worked for Romney) and of course, did not like Hillary. His solution was to vote Third Party or not at all. His reasoning (sorry, I forgot his name already) was that he lived in California and it would not matter. The implication being that California is a fairly solid Blue State and one vote wouldn’t change that.

But what if a half million Republicans in California felt the same way? Could enough “not voters” be out there to swing formerly “solid” Blue States? And in a state like California were to slip Red, even by a few votes, then welcome Armageddon.. I mean, President Trump!

Now, what if enough Swing State voters did the same? Not voting in this election (as well as Third Party voting) is essentially casting a ballot for the Orange Menace. The only sure way, in my opinion, is to pull the lever (or press the button, or whatever) for Hillary. Then you can be sure that your vote is against him, and not have to learn Calculus to figure out what the effect was after it’s all over.

But there’s a deeper reason why those who say they just “won’t vote” need to find it in themselves to do it. For all those who see Trump as a “grave threat” to the U.S., but can’t rationally explain why Hillary would be “worse.” For all those who have the guts to put “principles over party.” For those that realize they have a stake in this election other than some entertainment value. For them and more:

Donald Trump needs to lose in a landslide not only in the Electoral College, but also in the Popular Vote!

And those votes will add up, whether or not it “matters” in your state or not.

Trump needs to be sent back to Reality TV with his head hung low. We, as the American people need to send a clear, loud, unequivocal message to him and the “Deplorables” that support him:

“We don’t like you, your principles, your agenda, your hate, your greed, your lack of trustworthiness, your lying, etc., etc., etc.”

We need to send these types scurrying back into hiding where they belong. They may be present, having secret meetings or whatever, but at least their hate and anger won’t be “normalized” in society. At least until time has a chance to change their minds.

That is why you need to vote, and the choice is obvious. I get it, she’s not your cup of tea, shes on the other side, you’ve been convinced that she can’t be trusted. You know what, do it anyway! Stop being a baby and help do what’s right for the country you claim to love so much!

I know, I might be biased, I would have supported and voted for Hillary anyways. Had one of the other members of the Republican Clown Car primaries won the nomination, the discussion now would be very different. We would likely be writing and arguing about things that don’t affect people’s everyday lives. But this is the situation we are in, and we have to deal with it.

So, Republican or Democrat, Swing state or Solid state, Rational person or irrational person. You really need to get over the whole trust and conspiracy theory narrative and go to your polling place and do the right thing.

That is, unless you’re tired of the United States and all of its freedoms and would rather chance them disappearing forever.



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