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O.K. folks, this one will be short!

Just for the record. Ted Cruz was a huge Ass Hat prior to this, but I was having trouble picking somebody this week when he raised his hand and volunteered.

Why is he the Ass Hat this week?

Let me ask it this way, if you went to school with a mean, bitter, overbearing bully, and that bully insulted you, your wife, and accused your dad of a being part of a murder conspiracy, would you still tell everyone to vote for him just because you were both in the same club together?

If you would, then you weren’t raised like me, and probably aren’t reading this either!

But that’s exactly what Ted Cruz did. He came out this week and said he would vote for Trump, despite all the negativity between the two. I guess saying you plan on “voting for someone” is what passes for an endorsement nowadays (albeit not a ringing, enthusiastic one).

Ted Cruz, for failing to stand on principles and “endorsing” someone that he would have every right to despise, just because they are members of the same “club.”


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PS; I know he’s not the first to do this, and certainly won’t be the last, hes just the most notable so far that has no reason to do this other than Party Loyalty. So please don’t lambast my comments with examples of “principle defections” for Trump. Thanks.


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