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I get it, it’s a Presidential campaign. One side will try to get all of the mileage it can from the seemingly most innocent of remark or circumstance. The goal is plain, not to convince swing voters to come to your side. Most of these things turn out to be silly, non-consequential things that rational people simply shake their heads about.  (Only a select few can have a Campaign torpedoing “47%” moment like Romney did) The function of these exercises is simply to act as red meat for the base of your party. Turnout is key in any election (especially at the national level), so any campaign worth its salt would do all it can to keep their bases interested and planning on voting.

Let’s take Hillary’s health for example. She had a short bout of Pneumonia. It can be expected, she’s travels in a cold plane, and visits two or three different climates every day. She’s talking constantly and loudly. She interacts with literally hundreds of people every day. Hell, I’m surprised she hasn’t caught something more serious! So she left an event early, and took a couple days off to recover. Good decision for her. After all, we need her healthy when she takes the Oath of Office!

But if you ask the Average Republican, and listen to the Pundits on TV and Radio, she had a bout with the Black Death and tried to hide it from everyone.

First, the illness itself. From what I can understand, that was probably the mildest form of pneumonia you could have. I mean, I had it once (full pneumonia) and nearly died! So, no, sorry Republicans, she is not so unhealthy as to be unable to take office! Seriously, Roosevelt had POLIO in office, and got elected 4 times!

Then, there’s the trustworthiness issue. Or should I say, non-issue. I see no evidence of a conspiracy to hide the problem from the public. Her advisors, aides, etc. realize that its simply not their place to talk about her health. Frankly, its nobody’s damn business except her, Bill, and maybe Chelsea. For those whom I’ve heard it was her Doctor’s responsibility to let the public know, I would remind them of this little thing called HIPAA. You know, the law that protects your PRIVACY when dealing with health care providers.

Now, should she have told us, the public? Think of it this way, if you’re in a job interview having just gotten over a chest cold, would you? Had the malady been more severe, life or ability threatening, maybe. But that wasn’t the case, and we can’t judge people based upon hypothetically what they had, or if they would they tell someone now, can we?

If she was like most of us, she was trying to work through it. Personally, I can’t count the number of days I have reported to work sick, because I hated the thought of being bored, at home, suffering through it. Quite frankly, it makes me feel better that she would try to keep going while feeling bad. I want, and the country needs, a President that shows up and works every day. Trump gets derailed for a day or more whenever he gets his feelings hurt!

But, I guess to sum this up, we will be hearing about this until November. Republican’s fearful of being outvoted into oblivion will continue to peddle this BS premise to a writhing and frothing base who are wanting more blood for the altar of Conservatism.

What do e-mails, or Benghazi have to do with this. Well, pneumonia-gate is just one more piece of the pattern that Republican’s use as their only known weapon against the Clinton’s. They first make a big to do about nothing (or nothing that was their fault) and blow it out of proportion. Then they waste countless resources and dollars beating the horse until they’re so sure its dead, it starts to get blood back on them. Finally, when unable to find the non-existent “smoking gun” they simply shrug their shoulders and say, “We couldn’t find the evidence we were looking for, but were sure it is still out there, somewhere.”

Ah yes, appeal to the inner conspiracy nut in your base. That will ensure that the rumor and issue remain alive for years to come. That’s why there are still so many laughable accusations still around about all of the people the Clinton’s have “murdered.” Whitewater, even the “E-Mail Scandal” and Benghazi will follow her around until (and likely after) they are both well out of public life. (then they’ll find a way to put them on Chelsea!)

The Republican establishment couldn’t bring her down with some E-Mails, or by trying to blame the deaths in Benghazi on her, their only hope to retain some of their current hold on power, and regress the country to where they believe it is “Great” again, is by milking this “Hillary’s health” issue for every last drop between now and November!