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First of all, Happy Labor Day to all my fans. I hope you’re spending the holiday doing something fun and relaxing with your family. If not, I hope your day at work will be short and uneventful.

No matter how you are celebrating Labor Day, I encourage you to remember the history and meaning behind the Holiday. Just like Memorial Day is not about swimming pools and barbecues. History books don’t like to illustrate how horrible life actually was for workers early in this nation’s history. Mine worker’s safety, steel worker’s safety, child labor, and many other pieces of that history are unpleasant and thankfully, gone. But that does not mean they should be forgotten. Remember, those that forget history, are doomed to repeat it!

Now let’s fast forward to today. Think all the problems are solved? We only hoped. There are still millions of employees in THIS country toiling away for a Minimum Wage that hasn’t moved in years. Republicans and their constituent businesses want to do away with pesky regulations (like safety requirements, the Minimum Wage, Equal Rights, etc.) that cost them money and benefit their workers. In a lot of businesses, Management pressures their workers to produce more and more without regards to the human cost of that productivity. In factories across the country, long term, higher wage employees are being laid off and replaced with lower paid, less benefits, temporary workers.

It’s true, a lot of businesses, especially the big ones, view their workers as mere “tools” which are used to accomplish a series of production tasks. What they fail to remember, and must be reminded of, is that those same workers are human too. They have hopes, dreams, families, and concerns that should be addresses.

If you happen to work for an organization that values your contribution and does not treat you like an expendable and replaceable asset, count yourself lucky. But if you are, or know someone who doesn’t, help them any way you can to better their situation.

Some people just need the occasional support and lifting up. Sometimes you can walk a picket line for a fellow Union. Sometimes you can help those workers who desperately want representation to lobby for and bring on-board a Union. Even if none of these seem feasible or practical for you, you can always take a minute or two and write your State and Federal Legislators in support of their cause.

Labor day is not only the holiday where most of us end our summers, but it has a rich, sometimes bloody, history that should NEVER be forgotten!

Happy Labor Day All!



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PS: I have to address this item too, sorry. My last post was an Ass Hat of the Week: Anthony Weiner. It was meant to make some people laugh, but also to point out the simple fact that, if you are in Public life, you had better be aware of, and in control of your compulsions. If you are not, they not only go on to ruin you, but do damage to your cause as well.

Now I’m sure this will not come as a shock to anyone, but occasionally, there is a Democrat that does something embarrassing, vile, and downright distasteful. It is also a good point that the Republican Party has a far greater number of examples of this type of negative behavior.

Yes, I can distinguish a difference between the fallen on the Left and the fallen on the Right. I get it, Weiner didn’t spend his days and nights railing against the evils of Sexting, then get caught doing it. The same cannot be said of a lot of Republican “family values” scandals. I even went so far as to state similar points in the article.

Now, let me address the two most made comments both directly to me, and on the shares:

  1. I feel bad for him too. Having an addiction, or compulsion you can’t control must be hell. I liked Weiner, he was a firebrand in Congress and a stern spokesman for many Liberal causes. No one is saying it’s not alright to have sympathy or empathy.
  2. There are those that believe that, especially in today’s political climate, that you should not point out the negatives on ones own side of the aisle. To them I ask, but how do we get stronger as a party if we let negative forces fester in our ranks, and don’t point out the deficiency. Wouldn’t that not make us any different from Republicans that tolerate racists, sexists, bigots, etc., all in the name of Party unity?

The point of writing this, again, was not to attack anybody, but to use the incident as an example, so hopefully in the future, another Democrat will consider his personal vices against the cause. That is what makes him worthy of the Ass Hat! I’m sure if the John Edwards story were to break now instead of when it did, I’d say the same thing.

If you need any further clarification, or anything else answered, feel free to PM the page.

Thanks again for all that support what I do!