Let me start with a disclaimer: I kind of like Anthony Weiner, except the one habit. He used to, when he was in Congress, thunder away at Republicans and their hippocracy. It was nice to see someone who actually gave a damn about the issues important to the country.

Anthony is our Ass Hat this week because of one thing, he can’t seem to keep his phone in his pants! Now, I guess we all have our vices and bad habits, but then again, we’re not all politicians on a national stage, under constant scrutiny. And certainly, not married (for the time being) to a prominent figure in a major party Presidential Candidate’s Campaign.

And for those of you that are wondering; yes, a Democrat can be the Ass Hat of the week. No, all Democrats are not perfect, it’s just a lot rarer to find fault in a group of people that are more out to help others than themselves!

O.K., so I decided to do a little something different this week too. And yes, it’s a little juvenile. I scoured the web for the most unfortunately titled articles about the subject I could. (because, lets face it, the name “Weiner” just begs for jokes, right). Here goes a few:

  1. Will latest Weiner scandal impact the election?

    This video is embedded into another article that would be funny too, if it removed the first name:

  2. Huma Abedin announces separation from (Anthony) Weiner

    Courtesy CBSNews.com

  3. We’ve never seen a falling Weiner quite like this before

    Courtesy The New York Post

  4. 25 Funniest Anthony Weiner Headlines

    Here’s a collection of them from Smosh.com

  5. Dirty Weiner: 34 Hilarious Anthony Weiner Headlines

    Another collection from eSarcasm.com

Before somebody inevitably decides to point it out, I know some of these are from the original scandal, but they’re funny anyway.

We all have our inner demons and struggle with them daily. That does not excuse his behavior in the least. However, we must be aware of our visibility, and position, in the world. Sometimes what we do and what we stand for means that we have to exert more control over those demons than the average person.

Relatively, is what Weiner did so bad, maybe not. You can argue that he only hurt himself, his marriage, and his career. Compared to the plethora of Republican lawmakers that rail against homosexuality and for “traditional” marriage, then turn around and are caught in a gay sex scandal, what Weiner did was pretty tame. But, that’s not the point.

The point is, if you are going to claim the moral high ground, and point out the hippocracy of your (ideological) opponent, then you have to play the game cleaner and nicer than he/she does. Anthony Weiner has not only taken away his own ability to call the other side on their nonsense, but has turned himself into a talking point they can use in their defense.Whether it means something or not to the discussion, it’s still there, and still has to be dealt with.

So there you have it, our Ass Hat of the week. Let this be a lesson to all who enter into a life of service. If you want to criticize others behaviors and ideas, your own had better be above reproach.


PS: I wanted to say I was sorry for missing last week. I was called out of town suddenly. Thank you all for your continued support, Likes, and Shares.

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