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First off, let me say I’m sorry, Annoyedweb was out of town for a couple of days working on a family matter. I know you probably hardly noticed, but I’m going to feel bad anyways for the lack of update.

So I was on the way back from where I was yesterday, and passed through a very rural area in a southern state, and I was bombarded with “Trump For President” signs, similar to the examples above. I even saw one redne##… I mean person, who had it plastered all over his truck (I took a so so picture, above).

Since the person I was traveling with is “very” anti-Hillary, I didn’t bring it up, cause’ I didn’t feel like arguing about it.But given time to think about it, I came up with one question I would have liked to asked all those sign posters, and that guy in the truck:

So, Tell me exactly how your life is going to get better if Trump wins the election?

My money says the answers fall into one of three categories.

  1.  Sheer gibberish, or “I don’t know”; I guess a certain population of the Pro-Trump crowd hasn’t even thought about how a Trump victory would affect them personally. They would either try and make something up, or just tell you honestly that they’re not sure. They’ve bought into the hype, or just hate Hillary so much, it doesn’t matter to them what comes after November.
  2. The answer they give sounds convincing, but wouldn’t actually affect them; Take for instance the “ban Muslims” and “deport the illegals” crowds. They are so convinced that this will help “make America Great,” that they feel it so strongly, they are actually convinced this would better there lives. But realistically, how many people do you know that have actually “lost a good job” to an illegal alien?
  3. Some of these people are convinced that their lives might actually improve; They buy into the belief that tax cuts that pertain to wealthy individuals would apply to them (like the Estate Tax) or there has been a choke hold on opportunity because of excessive regulation in this Country. That somehow, if the government provides, or guarantees, any service or program, that somehow kills the soul of Democracy a little (even if they currently use that program).

Chances are, you’ll never be able to reason with any of these groups, but you will be able to determine the level of mental illness you’re dealing with. Groups 1 and 2 are just confused, and if actually presented with some evidence and proof, may eventually form a more reasoned conclusion. Group 3 is probably too far gone to understand simple concepts and facts. But, you can use this information to shape your conversation.

Now, be aware, you’re likely not going to change any of these people’s minds. I’m sorry, that’s just the truth. I feel your pain, because as Liberals, we feel facts and evidence and logic should win every time. Just keep in ind that were dealing with a group of people who mostly don’t understand how the political system works or think Jesus himself tapped on Donald’s shoulder and convinced him to run.

Pundits, experts, analysts, and everyday people have all analyzed his (Trump’s) agenda, qualifications, and supporters and agree, on both sides of the aisle, that he (Trump) is unqualified, ill-tempered, and dangerously unprepared for the job. But, that doesn’t stop any number of people in the three groups above from throwing the full weight of their support behind him.

Only history will tell what Trump’s ACTUAL motivations are in running for President. Massaging his ego, maybe. Improving his financial position, of course. On a dare, why not? But he has managed to convince a large segment of our fellow citizens that he is on their side. I’m sure, if you’re reading this, we can all agree that’s not the case. No matter what the real reason is revealed to be, we do have the singular hope of defeating him, and his ilk, at the ballot box. So, best to concentrate your efforts there. Make sure the reasonable make it to the pol;ls, and finish putting the nails in his coffin  (many of which he put there himself)!

Until then, if you’re like me and want to at least TRY to understand his (Trump’s) supporters logic, I think that this is the perfect question. So instead of engaging in a pointless argument, ask them:

So, Tell me exactly how your life is going to get better if Trump wins the election?

What’s the worst you’re going to do, make someone think?



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