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I hear this all the time:

“There’s no difference between the candidates or parties.”

“I guess I’m voting for the lesser of two evils.”

“I don’t trust Hillary, I think she’s a crook!”

It’s all I can do sometimes to not just explode! Seriously, how did most of this hogwash spread in the first place? How do otherwise reasonable people believe this kinda crap?

I wish I knew, but I’m not a psychologist. The best I can do is produce this “Field Guide to handling anti-Hillary BS.” Now, there’s a lot of it. I’m sure I’ll miss a thing or two, so I apologize in advance. Hopefully some of this helps you with your confused friends, family, and coworkers. Here’s hoping anyways.the E-Mails, What about the damn e-mails:

  1. E-mails, enough about the damn e-mails.

Heard enough about these. Me too. The Republicans loved this. It was the gift that kept on giving.A Congressional and FBI Investigation, really. If you were investigated so many times for something, and never charged, you’d sue the police, and likely win a huge chunk of money for harassment!

Lets lay out some facts. First, the FBI found no laws broken! Better decisions probably could have been made, but nothing illegal was uncovered. Next, two Republican Secretary’s of State have said they used private e-mail servers, Rice and Powell. Finally, how many millions of e-mails were “lost” on an RNC server while Bush was President?

But we established previously that facts don’t phase Republicans! The die hards will just keep parroting the fact that “something” was going on. They believe that there is a massive conspiracy to protect Hillary. As if something going on that large could be kept secret in a town like D.C.

The best you can hope for when the e-mails come up is redirect the conversation. Like I said, the die hard Hillary Haters will beat these into the ground, no matter how much truth and logic you interject. They simply believe what the Republican Party was selling: That just because there is an investigation going on, something must be there, it just hasn’t been found yet.

Let’s put this into a little perspective, shall we. Before Trump secured the nomination, all you heard about were e-mails, true? Once he won the nomination, and triggered the “establishment” Republicans disdain, there’s noticeably less publicizing of the e-mail scandal by Republicans outside the Trump campaign. Agree? Why?

2. While I’m on the subject of e-mails, lets briefly address the DNC leak

Wikileaks, and Assange, used to be an organization that was seemingly dedicated to government transparency and accountability. Now, they just seem like a petty, and vindictive, arm for Assange’s personal agenda. Why else would that dump come the weekend the DNC was beginning. He even gloats and prides himself on careers ruined.

Now, the right loves to mention these, along with the “Bernie or Bust” crowd (who are willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater). They find it shocking that the Democratic National Committee intended to help the ACTUAL Democrat win the nomination. Not the Independent running as a Democrat because it’s virtually impossible for an Independent campaign to gain traction at that level. Shocking! Yes, some of the tactics discussed were dirty poker, but then again, we never really saw any of those play out in the real world.

In the end, it was simple math, not the DNC’s e-mails, that led to Bernie not winning the nomination. He said so himself. Let it go, please!

3. When in doubt, bring up Benghazi

This is like their favorite recipe. You know, the one your mom, or another relative, always made for guests because they couldn’t, or wouldn’t, try or learn anything else.

Seriously, how does the Secretary of State direct a Military response to an embassy anywhere? Fact: the Republican Congress cut the budget for Embassy security. In reality, we should probably be surprised this didn’t happen more often!

Just like the e-mails, your best hope here is to redirect the conversation. No amount of truth is going to dissuade the faithful from beating this dead horse.

4. “The lesser of two evils” or “There’s no difference between….”

The cop out of the century. I understand the frustration people feel with the “system” and the seemingly endless gridlock in D.C. And yes, there are many Politician’s on both sides that act shady, do 180s on issues once elected, and quite frankly, disappoint.

It might seem logical to change horses. Maybe even to change animals. But to believe there is NO DIFFERENCE between Parties and their representatives is both naive and (for example, Trump) dangerous. This is the narrative that the Libertarian’s and Greens would like in the forefront.

What do I base this on, history and actions, that’s what. For the last thirty years, everything that Republicans have done has been to please one of two groups; Evangelical Christians and the Rich/Big business! How many times have taxes been cut on the super rich in the last thirty years? Anti-Gay laws, the Defense of Marriage Act, and tons more designed to restrict liberties and freedoms of groups they don’t “approve” of. Even under the guise of helping, they wind up screwing everyday people. No Child Left Behind wound up leaving even more children behind. Medicare Part D was a boon to the pharmaceutical industry.

Meanwhile, Democrats have been fighting for years to better peoples lives  ever since Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. Health care, championing unions, gun control regulations, I could name hundreds of examples. Meanwhile, the right only seeks to water down, gut, or outright block/remove these regulations that protect people, yet in their world “encumber” business.

If you really need an example of the differences, look no further than the campaigns. Compare the tone, language, and substance of each. Look at who supports each. It’s all right there plain as day.

If someone presents you with this rather non-committal argument, ask them how each party has benefited them personally. Find out what issue is important to them, then point out the differences. If nothing else, tell them (in Colbert’s words) to “pick a side, we’re at war!”

5. This goes along with #1-3, “I just don’t trust her.”

Why not? What, exactly, has she done to loose your trust?

Chances are it’s got something to do with the constant investigations. The “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” mentality. Despite the fact that she’s NEVER been charged with a crime, nor found at fault for anything, people still believe she’s dirty because there’s always some (usually Republican led) investigation going on. Even Trump’s trying to play on this image. Disrespectfully putting “Crooked” in front of her name every time he mentions her. He’s hoping his followers are too naive to catch on to what he’s doing, a cheap marketing ploy.

Drill down on a person, find out exactly why they feel this way. Are they just open to suggestion, and follow the crowd with what they feel is the “popular” answer; or are they really a Republican, buying into and spreading the narrative while they were never going to vote for her.

I’ll stop there, because I don’t want this to read like “War and Peace.” I’m sure you can come up with some arguments and answers on your own, and you should. I’m not even going to address the silliness of “the Clinton’s have people killed.” Really, if someone brings that up, just offer them some more tin foil for their hat!

To summarize, I saw someone get called an “Intolerant” Liberal the other day for calling someone on their BS. I suggest that we, as Liberals, stop shying away from that. Yes, be less tolerant!

To me, tolerate means to put up with something, even if you know it to be wrong. We “tolerate” a toothache because we don’t want to go to the Dentist, but that doesn’t make it any less aggravating.

So yes, be LESS tolerant of the hatred, bigotry, and sheer bullheaded wrongness of the Right wing. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. You might get “ganged up” on, or shouted down, but at least you’ll know you’re in the right. It’s either do it now, or on a picket line, or worse from behind bars, under a Trump Administration.

Start with this diatribe like I am talking about above. Don’t let your fellow Liberals, family, friends, and co-workers be mealy-mouthed in their support, or vocal in their incorrectness. Be ramrod straight, to the point, and full-throated in your support. Why should this country feel like it’s “settling” for Hillary. I believe she is the right person, at the right time, prepared, and seeking the right job. I don’t feel, and neither should you, that we’re just getting another politician, or the “same old, same old.”

Truthfully, I’d rather be disappointed by any Democrat with the right intentions, than fearful of every waking (and sleeping) moment under Trump. Are you comfortable with that, just to “shake things up.”


PS: I could write this in several parts, or branch it out into several topics, I know. It’s nowhere near all inclusive, but I hope I hit all the main points I was trying to make. I hope you enjoyed.


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