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So, as I sit here trying to narrow down the winner for A.H.O.W., I couldn’t just narrow it down to one person. Therefore I’ll just give another group award. This week I’m picking those “brave” or dumb enough to publicly throw their support behind Donald Trump.

Seriously, doesn’t it defy all logic how ANYONE would support this guy? It seems the more hate, falsehoods, and just random garbage he dishes out, his supporters defend him more strongly. Why? Are they crazy? Did they sign a pact with Satan that, no matter what, they would defend his actions? Someone please help me understand!

Of course, his “celebrity” endorsement list reads like a Who’s Who of Who Was! I’m not personally affected by ANY of these people’s opinions, but I guess somewhere, someone is.

Have you ever played the opposite game as a child. Where your friend, or parent, will say one thing, then you say or do the opposite. I know, if you were like me growing up, that was just called childhood. Internet trolls do this. They go into chat rooms, groups, etc. and say some of the most outlandish, hurtful, and farthest from the truth things trying to get a response. Maybe that’s what his entire campaign (and by extension, his gaggle of supporters) are doing; Trolling America? Trying to see how visceral and emotional a reaction they can get out of people. One can only hope, right?

Here’s just one example: They come out and say that the Deficit and Debt is higher under Obama, when the data proves it’s just not true. Bill Clinton once said that what he likes about Republicans is,”The facts don’t phase them.” How true!

But the one group I really want to focus on, is the one’s who go around after Trump cleaning up the messes he leaves: The Apologists.

How, in the face of overwhelming opinion, fact, and common sense can a grown man or woman sit there and say “That’s not what he meant by that.” Seriously, that should be the new campaign slogan:

Trump/Pence 2016; We really didn’t mean what we said!

The formula is simple, Trump says something without thinking it through, the public becomes angered (bewildered, frustrated, etc.) by it, the campaign or powers that be realize that there is a problem, then they send in a surrogate to try and patch up another hole in the sinking ship.

Everyday there’s a new example. The ghastliest by far was in N.C, the other day where he essentially called for the “2nd Amendment People” to “take care of” Clinton and the judges she appoints. I’m not sure if that’s what he meant when he formulated that statement (probably 5 seconds before he said it), but that’s what it was interpreted as. In the real world of political speech writing, a phrase like that would have never made the page. If there was the minutest chance of it being misinterpreted, it gets thrown out. But we all know, Trump famously refuses to use a prompter and gets extemporaneous from time to time. So, in my world, he likely thought that, tried to phrase it in a way that seemed innocent, and not surprisingly, it backfired. Now it’s time to send in the clowns.

Since there are literally too many for me to go through, I’ll just list a couple of examples of his Apologists in action. I can’t even call them surrogates, because in that case, they’d just be defending and explaining policies and positions. Instead, these people just spend time explaining away things as “Donald being Donald.”

God help us all.

  • Ann Coulter: She likes to try to make the word Liberal a dirty word constantly. Normally a detestable individual, she is always defending Trump as being a victim of “Rape by the Media.” Even though, to my mind, attention from the Media is what Trump craves.  She likes the “anti-establishment” side of the candidate, but tries to sell the argument that every time he gaffes, the Media pile on and make him look inept and dangerous.
  • Governor Pat McCrory (of N.C.): After the disastrous “2nd Amendment People” gaffe in Wilmington, NC, the Republican (very Republican, this is the same guy who signed HB-2, the “bathroom” bill) Governor came out, after a couple days, in defense of Donald. He actually tried to pin the blame on the Clinton Campaign saying their Social Media denouncement of the statement caused a “firestorm” of controversy in Social Media.
  • Mike Pence, Trumps Running Mate: Dubbed the “Apologizer In Chief,” you almost have to feel sorry for this guy. I said almost, not actually. In reality, there’s no way I’d feel sorry for this guy. When Pence was asked a question, by an Air Force mother, about Trump’s exchange with the Khan family, he replied: “Well, I thank you for the question,” he said. “It’s all right, it’s all right. Folks that’s what freedom looks like and that’s what freedom sounds like.” What does that even mean? Nothing, it means nothing! That statement doesn’t even come close to addressing a concern, much less providing an answer.

And those are just three off the top of my head. There are SO MANY MORE. And there are sure to be A GREAT MANY MORE examples by November.

While the Trump campaign continues to tread along, in defiance of all logic, we have to remember, the guy is a possibility for President. True, right now he may be falling behind, even though his surrogates say hes ahead (opposites game again?) If nothing else, the Republicans, and their loyalists, are masters at the last minute smear campaign. Remember Kerry and the “Swift Boaters?”

Until November, be vigilant. Challenge the dumb and hateful things you hear and read. Don’t be silent, spread the word. The media is obviously not going to repudiate him, or his falsehoods and lies. They thrive, and profit, from controversy and mayhem. It’s up to the Citizens, their common sense, and their voices to turn back the tide of filth being dumped by the Trump campaign daily.

And for God’s Sake, come November: VOTE! (its the only sure way we can banish this orange demon back to where he came from)



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