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Scary image, huh? I know, I can’t bear the thought of this either!

But I’ve always wanted to write horror fiction, so here’s an attempt.

Let me first calm your nerves. This is looking less and less like a possibility every day. Every time he opens his mouth, it seems he’s put one more nail in the coffin of his campaign. Now he wants someone to shoot his opponent! I too, like the President, think most reasonable Americans will do the right thing in November, and send this buffoon packing. Then there’s the better than average chance that once he realizes how far behind he is, he’ll just drop out.

But, for argument’s sake, lets say none of this happens. The unthinkable becomes reality and DJT gets sworn in on January 20th.Since he managed to get enough self-destructive people to vote for him, I’m going to assume here that both houses of Congress stay Republican as well.

They say that the first 100 days of a new President’s term sets the tone for the rest of that term. In this nightmarish scenario, here’s some of the things I think might happen during the first 100 days of the Trump Era:(Note, some of these are funny, some are serious, some are serious and come across as funny, its up to you to decide which)

  • Trump will appoint Judge Judy to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. She will get confirmed quickly because Congress views this as a way to boost their lackluster favor-ability ratings.
  • The book Art of The Deal will, by Executive Order, become mandatory reading and a subject taught in high schools across the country.
  • New Cabinet appointment and position created, Secretary of The Apprentice: Ivanka Trump.
  • Congress will push through a final attempt to repeal Obamacare, which he will sign. Since there was no viable replacement plan, millions become uninsured again, and Insurers take a financial hit as they loose those millions of new customers.
  • Trump arranges to sell Puerto Rico to Cuba for pennies on the dollar to settle their debts.
  • New Secretary of the Interior: Sarah Palin
  • All National Parks and Protected lands are slated for sale.
  • New Secretary of Transportation: Chris Christie.
  • All Federal highways and bridges are curtailed to a single lane, that is the ones which already weren’t because of disrepair and neglect.
  • White House Press Corp is kicked out of the White House because someone said something about his hair! White House news is now distributed via Twitter.
  • New Press Secretary: Chachi! (Scott Baio)
  • U.S. Ground troops ready for deployment to Syria. Russia invades the Ukraine. U.S. doesn’t do anything about it!
  • NATO dissolves because Trump won’t commit funds to it, because one other country didn’t.
  • U.N. is kicked out of New York. U.N. building is converted into luxury apartments.
  • Pence is put in charge of domestic issues. Christianity immediately made official U.S. Religion.
  • Construction on wall set to begin. Start is delayed because government can’t find workers to build it.
  • Population of Canada swells as mass immigration begins.
  • The stock market starts its inevitable spiral downwards towards an eventual crash.With one exception, Gun Makers stocks shoot through the roof as all bans and restrictions are lifted. Of course, mass shootings go up, and we, if you can imagine, do even less about them.
  • Comedians rejoice, as new material is pumped out of the capital on a near daily basis.

And I’m sure many more. It is going to be a lot of work unwinding the last 50 years of progress.

Maybe you can think of some to add. Put them in the comments if you can think of a good one!

I hope some of these gave you a chuckle. Mostly though, I hope that just thinking of this possibility motivates you to go to the polls (and take someone with you). “I had to work late,” and every other excuse cannot be tolerated this election, the future of our Nation, and our movement, might be riding on it!


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