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I imagine you were wondering when I’d get around to the Orange One. I was waiting for something special, which is hard to pick since he’s such a rich source of material. Of course, this week was the Democratic National Convention, so, instead of being quiet and not calling attention to himself, he went another direction. But more on that in a minute, first, there was stiff competition this week. Here are a couple of Honorable Mentions:

The North Carolina G.O.P.

You may have heard, but in a desperate attempt to be relevant, the NC GOP tweeted about the pin that Tim Kaine wore on his jacket during his speech at the DNC. It seems they thought it was a flag of Honduras, the bottom flag (you might remember he did missionary work there). What it actually was was a Blue Star Flag pin, the top one, in honor of his son, a deployed US Marine.


Just a reminder, there is such a thing now as Google. You might want to invest a few seconds into verifying your insult before posting it on Twitter. Especially if you’re from a state that is competing furiously for most embarrassing state honors.

Bill O’Reilly

The Fox (Faux) News Show Host has added a chapter to the annals of ass hattery with his comment on Michelle Obama’s speech Monday night at the DNC. The First Lady made reference to “waking up everyday in a house built by slaves!” What she was referring to, in my opinion, is to how far we’ve come as a people with race relations in the countries 240 some years. Of course, there’s still a ways to go.

As if to prove that point, here comes O’Reilly. In an attempt to minimize what Michelle Obama said (either on purpose or out of habit) he said “the slaves that built the White House were well fed and given housing.”

Exactly how, Bill, is that supposed to make up for the fact that you are in bondage. News flash, most every slave was fed and housed by their owners! This does not mitigate the fact that they were SLAVES!

Bill, you’re not only an Honorable Ass Hat, but you are a certifiable A$$ Hole. The sad part is, you don’t even realize what was wrong with what you said. Then, you came on the next night and doubled down! I hope you keep your promise to leave, now that Ailes is not there anymore to shield your ignorance.

And Your Winner: Donald J. Trump

Not content with just shutting up and letting the DNC take place, like almost every Presidential Candidate in recent history, he lived up to his philosophy of “any publicity is good.” Of course, his is mostly bad. Here’s a sampling of his week:

Those are just three examples from this week. If I wanted, I’m sure I could go back over the whole campaign thus far and write a small book on the many things which make him an Ass Hat.

One thing is for sure, we CAN NOT let this small, petty man take over the reigns of government come January. I fail to understand why any sane, rational human being would vote for him. My belief is that you’re so entrenched as a Republican, it’s all about the side now. You would vote for Satan himself if he ran with an (r) next to his name. Either that, or you’re just so convinced Hillary is not trustworthy, you would vote for anyone else. I don’t understand this either, apparently the Republican attack machine, even though short on proof, has managed to affect peoples perceptions. There are a few other fringe groups, sure, like Bernie or Busters, etc. But the hard core Trump supporters, the Party die hards, are the ones that need to be out voted come November. If we muster up enough Democrats to do that, I’m sure we can easily outvote any other group.

Either way, I do believe most Republicans are supporting him out of some misplaced loyalty to their party. Ironically, that same person they support, is doing all he can (maybe not intentionally) to destroy their party.

Encourage folks to vote this November, but make sure they know who and what they are voting for! The fate of our country could very well be at stake.

Have a great weekend! Stay safe and stay cool (if you need to.)