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How many times have you heard this before? “I don’t like politics!” “I don’t think there’s any difference in the parties, so why bother!” “Politics just make me angry!”

But then they say they are planning to vote for so-and-so because X,Y,Z.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably not you. Good job!

So my (and your) question to those people is: Why?

Why are you blindly voting one way without understanding how that might actually have an impact in your life? They’re either convinced (or have been convinced by someone) that only their opinion is valid, or they are too scared or lazy to hear an opposing view. While I bet most of those same people can tell you the names and bio’s of every Housewife of Wherever! Imagine if they put just 10% of that concentration into studying politics.

Now this is a Presidential Election year, so there’s more people than normal paying attention. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But where are those people in off year elections? Do you ever wonder how the President’s Party gets the majority in Congress when they are up for election, then looses it in the mid-term. That’s why. People love to vote for President. It’s easy to understand and they hear about it all the time. If only they would put the same effort into Congressional Races, City and State Offices, judges. Perhaps something might actually get done in that case.

This is the only country in which I would want to live! But, we have our faults. One of those is our abysmally low election turnout.


U.S. voter turnout trails most developed countries

It’s easy to get tired. To hear the bickering back and forth. To hear two different people quote exact opposite “facts” about the same thing. The spin. The obfuscation. The obstruction. Seriously, if this were a TV show, it would probably get cancelled, because nobody would watch it.

Watch it anyway! Use your common sense and experience. Filter through the BS. Research things. Learn how to use Google if you don’t know already.

How many people do you know that bitch and moan for hours about the President, Congress, the Governor, whoever?  I often ask people if they plan on voting? A good many say Yes. (I’ll save the no’s for another time).

When they say Yes, I will ask if they follow politics, or quiz them to see if they have some basic grasp on the issues.

If I find they do not, I wonder why they are voting at all. I know, most people would say they are exercising their Constitutional rights. But I would argue, with that right comes some responsibility. The responsibility of having some basic understanding of what you are voting for!

Let’s face it, you have a right to free speech, but you can’t be libelous or harm someone using that right, can you? Why then, are we, as responsible citizens, not encouraging people to do a little research. Why don’t parents teach their kids to do a little critical thinking?

I wouldn’t want an accountant who had never opened a math textbook, would you? Why then, do we just blindly encourage people to go vote without knowing a little about the issues? Do we just “hope” the right choice gets made?

Let’s look at this election for a moment. I cannot believe, for a second, that if his supporters (the rank and file republicans motivated by fear and mistrust of the opposition), at least the ones not motivated by hate, would put a few minutes of time into actually analyzing his words, habits, manners, etc., that Trump would have gotten this far in the process!

Basically, I wonder why we, as a society, are comfortable with people casting ballots that will affect our lives, without knowing or understanding what they are voting for?

Think about that the next time you hear someone say they are voting for Trump, and then can’t provide a clear answer when you ask “Why?”


PS, I apologize, AnnoyedWeb has been under the weather lately, so I haven’t been writing regularly (just a FB or Twitter post here and there). I was going to finish up my analysis of the RNC Platform, but I’ll just sum it up. It sucks! It reverses nearly 70 years of Progress that has been made since WWII. It codifies sexism, bigotry, homophobia, and discrimination. It is an abysmal plan that replaces textbooks with bibles in our schools, and sends our country sprinting boldly into the past, trying to capture when America was “Great.” But it never says when that was. Even though I, and most, believe we are great today! I am likely to concentrate on the Social Media side for awhile, but I will still be posting here, just not daily. Thank you so much for following, reading, and sharing my thoughts. Have a great Friday!