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12 JUNE 2010 – PHOENIX, AZ: Congressman Steve King (R-IA), speaks to Tea Party supporters of Arizona SB 1070 at a rally in Phoenix, AZ, Saturday. About 500 people, many from California and Florida, came to Bolin Memorial Park in Phoenix Saturday. The pro SB 1070 rally was sponsored by Tea Party. PHOTO BY JACK KURTZ

They say racism is dead in this country. They say White Privilege is a myth.They say the races are on equal footing in this country.

They obviously haven’t met Representative Steve King yet!

Our winner of Ass Hat of the Week goes to this U.S. Congressman who actually said, during a live, recorded interview, that whites made superior contributions than other races!

Here’s a video from Daily Kos’ YouTube channel of him saying it:

 And here’s video of a Washington Post interview (from their website) of him explaining it:


 Really! Who even thinks that this is a good idea to even say out loud, much less think. Gee Steve, I could point out to you so many examples. The Irish helped build our cities. The Chinese helped build our railroads. Black people farmed our crops and tended fields (not by choice, mind you) for 400 years. Today, Mexican Americans pick our food, build our buildings, clean our hotels. You really didn’t see a lot of White people doing that stuff, did you?

For expressing the sentiment of the Republican establishment, I give you Representative Steve King, our Ass Hat of the Week!



Steve King: The idea that every culture is equal is ‘not objectively true’

July 20 at 12:51 PM

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