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So, after three days of mud slinging, accusations, and embarrassing revelations, the plagiarism scandal is still alive and breathing.It seems no matter where you turn, someone in the Trump family is getting scrutinized for this. It also gives me an excuse to stop reading that Platform for a day or two!

Personally, I think Ivanka’s speech tomorrow night might go a little better. She seems to be the smartest of the siblings. But, I have been known to be wrong on occasion. I guess we’ll see Thursday night.

Anyways, I was thinking today about the scandal, and realized that it was symbolic and gives good insight into a bigger issue:

I believe this; You copy somebody’s work because of one of two reasons. Either:

  1. You’re lazy. -or-
  2. You have no original thoughts of your own

I don’t believe Republican’s are lazy. They want to work extra hard to move the country back to the Fifties, right?

I do believe, though, that they’ve run out of original ideas. Every campaign for the last 30 years, they try to sell the same ideas. They might rename, or repackage them, but in the end, it’s the same old shtick.

Let’s look at some:

  • Trickle Down Economic Theory. You know, if you put more money into the top income earners pockets, they will in turn invest it into the economy, creating jobs and prosperity for all. They even took to calling those wealthy individuals as “Job Creators” In the end, it’s all the same, they want to cut taxes for the rich, which in the end results in higher deficits, raising the debt, and general bad economic policies. Just think about how much the Bush (43) tax cuts helped you out….
  • Repeal the Estate Tax. Republicans hate this tax, because it keeps families from creating financial dynasties, and eventually becoming so wealthy that they control everything.They even took to calling it the “Death Tax” to make it sound more ominous, and make middle class Americans think it might affect them.It only kicks in if you have assets greater than $5.45 million. Is that really going to affect the average person? Not to mention, it’s one of the major sources of tax revenues. (i.e., bigger deficits, more debt, etc.)


IRS Estate Tax definitions and Explanation

  • And recently, since it passed, Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). They have the repeal part down. In fact, they’ve tried so much, I lost count. What they’re a little lean on is what they plan on replacing it with. It’s the same thing every election cycle since it passed. They won’t give a plan on replacing it other than “we’ll work it out when the time comes.” That’s like going on vacation, and winging what attractions you visit while you’re there.
  • The economy’s going to hell, only we can stop it! Every time, I hear this, no matter how true it might or might not be.Reagan used it to beat Carter in 80. At the end of the Clinton, and now this administration, they say it, despite the markets being up, gas down, etc.etc.Even as the second Bush economy was starting to stagnate in 2004, they said they could handle it. I think the records speak quite clearly. Democrats are better for the economy, both personal and as a whole than Republicans. Even today, with some key personal standards the way they are, I know in my heart that if a Republican is elected, that any progress will reverse, and any future progress will disappear.
  • Family Values. Republicans act as if they have the market cornered on Values. As if they believe that if a Democrat is elected, that wild orgy’s will take place in the streets and wild packs of gays will roam the cities converting their children. Seriously, how many Republican politicians, versus Democratic ones, have either been caught cheating, in a gay sex scandal, or otherwise? Do you see skinheads and Nazi’s attending Democratic rallies and Conventions?

Now, I’m sure terrorism, immigration, and Muslims will fill their void for new issues to beat into the ground. While they play the “greatest hits” of the Second Amendment, De-regulation, etc., etc.

I truly believe the Republican Party is suffering through a slow, agonizing death. Problem is, it’s making the rest of us suffer along with it! They’ve swung so far to the right, I’m not sure there’s any recovering for them. I mean, if Donald Trump is the best they can come up with for a Presidential nominee, what’s that bode for their future?


PS, enjoy the memes I pulled off of Bing at the top.