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So, I was racking my brain this week to figure out who I was selecting for A.H.O.W. There were so many choices. I was thinking of going with Mike Pence, but everyone’s talking about him this week, and there’s still plenty of time before November!

That’s when I came across a little gem in my Bing feed, and there it was plain as day!

Pat Robertson.

Why? Well, not only is there the general crazy, but it seems that this week, he predicted Trump would win in a landslide!

I’ll give you a second to stop laughing, catch your breath, and wipe up the soda I’m sure you spewed when you read that.

O.K., granted, that’s not the craziest thing he’s ever said. He blamed 9/11 on Liberals and Homosexuals. Frequently talks down to women. Etc., etc., etc.

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Now, I know what you’re saying. Annoyed, please, don’t pick on old people, especially Pastors on a Sunday.  But, unlike your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving, or your preacher at the local Baptist Church, Pat has a television show with a national following. Millions of people send his 700 Club money every week, and more when he goes off on these nonsensical rants.

Pat could do so much good in this world. There are thousands of homeless and hungry people right here in this country. He has the equivalent of a megaphone, and untold influence, at his disposal. He could call attention to, make progress on, and maybe even solve lots of issues. Instead, he chooses to try and scare the last dollar from someones old grandmother, who can’t move, but feels like shes securing her place in Heaven sending her last Social Security dollars to Pat.

Why does he choose to scare folks? According to Bing, he’s worth nearly $100 million dollars. I guess there’s more profit in scaring people that Jesus is coming soon, and he’s pissed!

But I digress, back to my point. Robertson actually believes that Trump is God’s choice to be the leader of the free world! At least, that’s what he claims God showed him in a vision.

Evangelical Leaders Now Consider Trump A Better Choice Than Jesus–No, This Is NOT Satire

Since Trump recently re-embraced his Christianity, I’m curious to see how the Almighty graces him at the RNC next week. Especially since he can’t even get the ultra-religious Tim Tebow to speak. Which begs the question, why in the Hell are they reaching down that far to find speakers for the convention?

With a veritable who’s who of the Religious Right, I’m surprised no one has asked Pat Robertson to come and scare the Hell out of Republicans with stories of fire and brimstone, and “the gays.”

I mean, he couldn’t do any worse than Clint Eastwood talking to a chair, right??


PS, I apologize for this being so late this week, life got in the way. I’ll try and do better next time. Thank you all for reading!