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O.K., First things first, I voted for Bernie in my states Primary. Again, I would have liked to see him go farther, I liked his ambition and what he had to say, but I’m not sure if the electorate as a whole is ready to embrace that kind of radical changes.

Bernie did win on one front though, and it is not a small front. He kept the pressure up enough to have significant influence over the Democratic Party Platform. There are items there that would not have been had it not been for Bernie; $15/hour Minimum wage, Universal Health Care, etc. I believe Bernie saw that, in the end, the Clinton machine was too effective to defeat, so he went for the next best thing, Platform Influence.

With his speech in New Hampshire Tuesday, he left a lot of his supporters disaffected, angry, and disappointed. That has translated into a lot of different types of reactions. And by a lot of his supporters, I’m referring to some specific groups. College age kids just reaching, or recently reaching voting age, Millennials, Neo-Hipster youth, and a few others whom his message really appealed to.

I was going to pick apart the new Republican Platform today, but I’ll save that for later. There is one thing I need to get off my chest.

In the past day or so, I have read/heard things like:

  • “There’s no way I’ll vote for Hillary, shes a crook!”
  • “Hillary’s just a career politician who was picked by the 1% to maintain the status quo.”
  • “I had better not get a (effing) e-mail from Clinton.”
  • The left is no different than the right!”
  • and on, and on, and on…..

There’s a widely held belief now, simply because Bernie Sanders did not specifically use the word “concede,” that somehow he still might be able to wrest the nomination from Hillary at the Convention. Either if she, beyond all hope, actually gets Indicted, or by some miracle, hundreds of Delegates to the Convention up and change their minds!

There is a small, yet vocal group who think that by dragging Hillary’s name through the mud, they can dissuade other former Bernie voters from even bothering to go to the polls. These “Berners” have an incredibly naive and simplistic view of things. They believe that there is NO difference between Hillary and Trump, that both are corporate controlled and will just keep things the way they are for their “corporate masters.”

Well, I only really have one thing to say to those people:






O.K., Maybe that’s five things. But the point is, if you think Trump and Clinton are the same, then you are living in some special kind of alternate reality that I cannot even begin to comprehend.

If this were a normal election, with “normal” candidates running, I would be disappointed, but not loose all hope if he/she were elected. Typically, a “normal” candidate, if they win, won’t cause the complete collapse of everything your party has done the last 50+ years. Even President Obama has mostly repaired Bush’s “mess.” (although there’s still work to do).

A Trump Presidency would be a different story altogether! I do not see Trump as being intellectually up to the task of making complex decisions on numerous issues. I don’t believe he wants to devote the time or energy to it either. The result, I can foresee him appointing anyone who shows enough reverence towards him to important positions throughout the government, and letting them have their way with the country. Lets list some probabilities:

  • If the Republican Party manages to keep hold of the Congress, you will see a wave of regressive bills that he would likely sign into law, simply because someone told him it was a good idea, or he just wouldn’t care.
  • Supreme Court Justices; His “appointments” would likely be far-right on most issues, and picked by someone other than him. The court could be thrown right for the next 40 years. Roe v Wade, gone. Citizens United, upheld. How many Progressive principles, policies and legislation would survive this period, even long after Trump is gone.
  • More Tax Breaks for the rich. The “Job Creators” (as they like to call them, because it sounds better than Rich White Ass Holes!) would make out like gangbusters. They would see another significant drop in their tax “burden.” Let’s give Trickle Down one more go, it’ll surely work this time! Not because he thought of the idea, mind you, but the ones that support and prop him up will want it.
  • The EPA will likely go away, or be neutered to the point of uselessness. Any gains in the environment will be erased. Coal mining and Oil Drilling will become rampant. To support those industries profiteering, renewables will loose their tax incentives, possibly outlawed in places. Fuel economy standards will disappear. The damage we have the potential to do to the planet could be irreparable.
  • And so on, and so on, and so on……

If you really think there is no difference between the Candidates, then consider this:

  • Most of the lies and propaganda used to convince you that Hillary is a crook, comes from the Right, a side you say you don’t even support. Face it, you can’t point to one issue or scandal she has been accused of where it hasn’t been debunked or outright dismissed.
  • Your own candidate has come out to endorse her. Just because the word “concede” was not used, does not mean that’s not what happened. “I will do everything I can to see Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States.” That is what he said, and it does not sound like a man who plans on doing an end-run around her to get the nomination at the convention. Seriously, does it?
  • Look at the record of Clinton on issues important to you. I would say look at Trump’s, but there is no record, and what material exists is 180 degrees from what he’s saying now. Does Hillary believe that Climate Change is a hoax (made up by the Chinese). Is Trump good for civil, minority, or women’s rights based on what he says?
  • You decry “Politics as usual.” We all are frustrated with the system to some degree. But, by endorsing Hillary, isn’t Bernie practicing “Politics as usual.” He spent months attacking her, then suddenly decides she’s what’s best for the country. I’m happy, actually, he’s doing this, because I agree, it is what’s right. However, that aside, the candidate you are holding out beyond all hope will swoop down and take the nomination, just engaged in “Politics as usual,” in order to have some influence in the Platform.
  • Do you honestly believe that your candidate is the type of person who would endorse her this week, then turn around at the Convention and stab her in the back? Why would you want to vote for someone like that?

I too, have great Hope that my countries future won’t be thrown away by driving it into the past. I think it’s admirable that you have hope in a contested convention. I want your delegates to go to the Convention, and vote their consciences. What I don’t want, are these divisive, destructive, unhelpful attacks against the Presumptive Nominee (Hillary Clinton).  Do you really feel that this behavior is doing anything to help the image of millennials and young persons being “spoiled” or “entitled?”

You might not like or trust her, that’s your right. You may not even vote at all, also your right (but there’s a couple million dead soldier’s who would be disappointed in that choice). But your vitriol might sway the votes of otherwise sensible people, whom are trying to move this country forward. So, remember the rule:

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!”

No one is telling you not to have your opinion. No one is trying to muzzle you, or become a Dictator and silence you. But you need to understand one thing; Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ARE NOT two sides of the same coin! If you truly count yourself as a Progressive, you will realize this, and try not to do anything to torpedo YOUR OWN MOVEMENT.

Attacking rational people in chat rooms, making unhinged memes and posters, outright support of the other side; these are all examples of the types of behaviors I have read/heard since Tuesday. Stop acting like a child who can’t get the toy they want at the store, because your parents can’t afford it. So, instead, they get you something else. You might not prefer this one, but it’ll do. It’s not like they bought you furniture or clothes, or something that doesn’t help what you wanted. Do you reject the toy, destroy it on purpose, or simply refuse to play at all?

Thinking about casting a “protest vote.” All we have to do to see how much of a bad idea that is, is look back a couple weeks to the “Brexit” vote in the U.K.

I get it, you were probably not going to vote at all before Bernie. I get it, you were sold free college, health care, kicking Wall Streets ass and more. You’re angry now, it seems like these things just evaporated. You’ve been told for months that Hillary is “unqualified,” “part of the system,” or that “she’s a crook.” It’s hard to accept the truth that people running against each other call each other things and once they’ve lost, stop, and then move on. I suppose this is the phase of loss that Psychologists call “anger.” Many of you will likely revert right back to non-involvement like before. A few will make the transition and vote Hillary. But it seems that a lot of you have openly said you would likely vote Trump or Stein (Green Party Candidate). Before you do something like that, consider this:

“Don’t screw the rest of us because you can not have your way!” If you are dead-set upon doing that though, I hope you enjoy President Trump!



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