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 Disclaimer: Alright, here’s another post of mine that I’m sure will get easily misunderstood. So, if you’re prone to that, sit down, light a cigarette, take a Xanax, and make sure you read to the end.

Also, I’m not particularly religious myself, but I don’t begrudge other people and their faiths. That means these thoughts are not designed to knock religion, or your church, or your beliefs, etc.

Columbine happened, and we sent our Thoughts and Prayers.

Sandy Hook happened, and we sent our Thoughts and Prayers.

Virginia Tech happened, and we sent our Thoughts and Prayers.

San Bernardino Happened, and we sent our Thoughts and Prayers.

Orlando Happened, and we sent our Thoughts and Prayers.

More others than I can name happened, and we sent our Thoughts and Prayers.

More than likely, somewhere else will experience this horror in the coming week, and likely, all we will do is send our Thoughts and Prayers.

What, exactly, is it we are supposed to be thinking about and praying for? Of course, pray for the comfort of the victims families, for the souls of the fallen, etc. But I expect that we are also praying for the next one to be stopped. For no one else to endure this unspeakable horror. That not another classroom full of children has to cower behind locked doors while a madman roams the halls, killing indiscriminately.

Yet it happens, over and over again!

I’m beginning to think that “Thoughts and Prayers” aren’t going to help solve this problem!

I’m a firm believer that actions honor the dead better than any thought ever could.

If your neighbors house was on fire, do you believe they would rather you pray for it to be o.k., and that it happens to no one else; or do you think they might prefer you call the fire department?

Well, our countries house is on fire. It’s burning down one bullet at a time. Every time we fail to act, the flames spread more. Our “leaders” and “representatives” continue to flunk each and every test, choosing instead to bow to special interests and political pressure.

The “Majority” party in control of congress refuses to even talk about the subject, or even allow study of gun deaths.

Say what you will about Ronald Reagan (and believe me, I can and will), but at least he would sit down with Tip O’Neill and talk about things. These fools refuse to even bring up, and adopt, measures that 80%-90% of the country support. Why? For fear of alienating the wealthy and influential overlords and groups (yes, I’m talking about the N.R.A.) that support and pay for their campaigns.

And at what cost? What price does the blood of our children pay for? So they can be in control of things? When did our “representatives” become so worried about losing their jobs, they became unwilling, or unable, to actually DO their jobs. Solve problems and keep Americans alive.

No, unfortunately, the “thoughts and prayers” plan is proving fruitless. We have a chance this year to actually take action. If this is important to you, and I hope it is, you have a chance to elect new representatives, who might actually have your concerns and interests at heart, who will DO something about this scourge. At the very least, be willing to sit down and discuss solutions.

So please, for the sake of the children, UN-dig your heels, open your minds, and close your mouths for once. Stop insisting “Guns don’t kill people, people do,” or believe the Second Amendment is absolute, and perfect as written. Find a way forward on this, please. I don’t wish to die, nor have one of my nieces or nephews die, in the next “active shooter incident!”

If your “representative” will not get on board, then come November, they should be looking for another job. Perhaps then it would be appropriate to send them our “Thoughts and Prayers.”



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