O.K., First off, I’ll say this, I understand that not every one of these persons may  have been present, and some are more noteworthy than the rest. But I don’t have the time to write this and pick out each one individually, nor their individual remarks, so here’s an entire list of the Representatives, in case one is your representative, and you want to send them correspondence expressing your disapproval of this “political theater.” (I recommend you do).

It wasn’t even 24 hours since the Director of the FBI gave a press conference clearing Hillary Clinton of criminal wrongdoing. It would seem, the legal geniuses of this committee decided among themselves that the Director and investigators at the FBI did not know enough about the law to make a decision such as this. So, today, they held an “emergency” hearing on the FBI‘s decision.

In a blatant and saddening display, they tried to impune the decision of the FBI, and again, cast a shadow of doubt over (then) Secretary Clinton’s integrity, qualifications, and competence. Why you ask? It’s an election year of course! With the FBI announcement, any hope was dashed on the right of knocking Hillary Clinton out of the Presidential race with criminal charges. What do they have left? Rumor, innuendo, and leading people to draw conclusions based upon conjecture and misinformation, that’s what.

The first thing I want to say is this: The fact they could put together these “hearings” so fast about this non-issue, when there are so many ACTUAL problems facing this country that are routinely ignored or put off. is sickening. People are dying every day in the streets of America. You can’t drink the water in Flint. California has evaporated. Etc., etc., etc. But by all means, let’s keep talking about Hillary’s e-mails.

Their entire treatment of Hillary Clinton is disgusting. Congressional Republicans treated Bill Clinton better during an Impeachment, even after he ADMITTED doing something wrong!

Next thing. If the police in your town looked into an “alleged crime” and found nothing there, and your town council happened to be ideologically opposed to the subject of that investigation; how would you feel if the city council decided that wasn’t good enough, that more “hearings” or “meetings” or “fact-finding” needed to occur? These people would be your friends and neighbors, right? Now lets throw in this; the subject of the investigation happens to be running for mayor. Would he/she get a sympathy vote, or would your townspeople double down on any chance they had to derail their opponents mayoral campaign? Would your council be laughed out of town and loose your vote for being too political?

Finally, I get tired of the same people that support the candidate who wants to “shake things up” and “change business as usual” turning around and conducting business as usual. After more than 10 hearings on Benghazi, do we really even need, or want, even one hearing about emails? Do we need the Speaker of the House grandstanding by writing (or having his interns write) a futile letter to the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) trying to get her access revoked? When is all the play acting going to stop? When are the people we elect to go to D.C. and solve problems actually going to solve a problem?

For contributing to making America’s government ineffective and a laughing stock, I present the Republicans of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, our Ass Hats of the Week!



Inside the FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail 

by: @calabresim March 31, 2016

FBI director grilled by Congress on Clinton email investigation