Trey Gowdy’s investigation of Benghazi (the umpteenth one) has returned a report detailing that Hillary Clinton could have done nothing to change things. A report (about 800 pages) that he clearly wants you to “read” and draw your own conclusions. I guess because it would be against his true nature to just come out and say she wasn’t to blame!

Now, the F.B.I. has come back to say there is “nothing to warrant criminal charges” in the E-Mail case. Although the Director of the F.B.I. bent over backwards to make her, and the Administration, appear grossly incompetent, he had to admit there was no lawbreaking intent.

So, now we can all go on about our lives, true? We can focus on a campaign that centers on actual issues that affect us all, not made up scenarios that only distract from the real race.

Yeah, right?

If you think that Republicans have finished beating these dead horses, you’ve checked out of reality!

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Nobody thinks they were interested in finding facts about either incident. These investigations were nothing more than political theater, meant to make the Democratic Nominee look bad during an election.

Think about it. You know someone in your circle who is that “Right Wing” friend. When you ask them why they’d rather vote for Trump, the answer usually involves something like “I just don’t trust her.” Have you ever tried drilling down on that statement? Ask your friend “Why don’t you trust her?” My guess is you’ll get one of three answers; 1. Benghazi, 2. E-Mails, or 3. “I just Don’t trust her, I don’t know why.”

If it’s one of the first two, then the theater worked! They cast a shadow of doubt onto a candidate, that an otherwise reasonable person would dismiss. Of course, there’s also the possibility they are so Republican that they don’t need any reason not to vote for her, they just feel obliged to provide one.

“Hillary Hating” is not, by any means, a new phenomena. People have been disparaging her since she was First Lady. I blame Jeff Foxworthy for popularizing it! It seems you couldn’t see anything he produced for years, where he did not mention Hillary Clinton in a negative way.

Of course, that’s not fair of me. The fad of “Hillary Hating” has been growing in popularity for decades. It is now coming to a crescendo because she has come so close to the White House.

The Republicans can’t beat her on the issues. It’s hard to defend thirty years of failed Trickle Down economics, wars built on lies, and obstruction to Progress. Their only hope is to turn this election into a character debate.

Of course, they had better put on a full court press to direct all the attention Hillary’s way. The last thing they need is to have any focus put onto their candidate’s “character.”

Mark my words. These issues may have been “officially” put to rest, but it will not be the last you hear of them.

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