So I woke up this morning thinking about politics (exciting, huh?) and the election, and the issues. Then I remembered a conversation I had some time ago on how the Republican Party is full of contradictions.

Warning: Some of these will hurt your brain! Sorry.

1. How can they be so pro-life, yet also be so pro-death penalty?

I’m not writing this to discuss my views on abortion, that’s for another post. So, don’t start off mad! But, the Republican Party is overwhelmingly pro-life (i.e., anti-abortion). Mostly without exception. Although there are some that are a bit more moderate on that point, most of the talk I hear from Religious leaders and the like in their party is NO exceptions, period.


If you kill somebody, kill a cop, kill a lot of people at once or over time, etc., etc. then the majority of that party is fine with the idea of killing you back. Great lengths will be taken to exact societies ultimate punishment on a person. Arguably, a lot of them deserve it, but that’s not the point here.

How about things that keep people alive? The Republican Party is so dead set against the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) but they have no viable alternative. Before the Act took effect, you didn’t have to look far to find a story about someone dying from a condition that could have been caught with routine care, that person would have access to if they had insurance. And what of the dirth of Republican Governor’s across the country who refuse to expand medicaid in their states, leaving millions of poor people and children without access to health care?

Why is life so important, before it leaves the mothers womb, but not so much after you’re drawing breath on your own?

2. What happened to the “Big Tent” Party?

There was a time I can remember when the Republican Party claimed immense diversity. That it was made up of many groups that share common values in government; smaller government, lower taxes, personal freedom and responsibility, etc.,etc. The Party was the “Big Tent” that covered so many groups. There were evangelicals, rich people, working people, even gay and colored people. They could all get behind one idea: Democrats were going to tax and spend us back into the stone age!


Nowadays, they don’t focus on this. They also don’t focus on reality. According to Gallup, the Party is 89% White Males. Truthfully, it has been that way for a long time, it’s just now, there seems to be a more nationalistic, prideful slant to that demographic.Although polls show a fairly steady make-up of the Party through the last several years, they use to claim how they represented so many groups. Now the Party’s swung to an extreme, with “Tea Partiers” leading the rally cries. Anti-immigration (particularly, Muslims and Mexicans) has become a centerpiece of their Presidential Nominees campaign.

If you claim to be so “diverse” and represent the interests of a lot of people, why is your Party made up of mostly the same people?

3. How do they have a monopoly on “family values?”

Traditional Marriage, there’s a euphemism meaning “only a man and a woman.” That’s just one issue in which they claim to have the market cornered. “Conservative Values” is simply their way to say that they want the social structure to go back in time. Back to when the man ran the household and made all the money and the wife stayed home. Back to when you could be overtly racist and not face repercussions. Back before all those pesky laws guaranteeing that women, minorities, the disabled, and other groups had equal rights and access to jobs, services, etc.They stand up and claim to be pillars of values that would , to borrow a phrase,, “Make America Great Again.”


Some of the most egregious offenders of “Conservative Values” have come from inside of the Republican Party! Dennis Hastert was Speaker of the House, recently convicted of sexual abuse of children. Newt Gingrich was also Speaker of the House, led the charge to Impeach Bill Clinton (over the Monica Lewinsky affair) while, it turns out, was cheating on his current wife with his next one. Larry Craig, Senator from Idaho, railed against Homosexuality for years, then got caught propositioning other men in an airport bathroom. Not to mention their current Presidential Nominee, who is a pillar of the values movement, right? (sorry, sarcasm!)

I know, there have been a slew of Democrat’s too. Anthony Weiner (still gives me a chuckle), John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer. Although I find what they did just as reprehensible, none of them have ran a campaign or claimed to be the candidate of “traditional values.”

Are you really for “traditional values” if you say so in public, but your actions prove otherwise?

And the examples go on:

4. Why are Republican’s so pro-religious freedom, but a.) want to banish, cast out, stop Islam from coming into or being in this country and b.) attempt to enact so many laws and regulations about peoples morality and actions (like abortion, gay marriage, transgender bathroom usage, etc.).

5. Why do they continue to claim that our military is getting weaker, when, in fact, more than 50% of this nation’s budget goes to the D.O.D. and it is still at least 10 times more “powerful” than the next closest competitor, China? (the only real advantage they have is the sheer number of people in their country)

6. Why is it that Republicans always talk about shrinking the Federal Government, becoming more efficient, rolling back “cumbersome” regulations; yet somehow every time a Republican leaves office, there are more people than ever on the government payroll?

7. And related to that; How can the Republican Party be the “Party of Fiscal Responsibility,” and claim to know so much about fiscal policy and practice, yet every time a Republican leaves office, the National Debt is bigger, the Budget Deficit is greater, and people are less certain and secure about their financial futures?

8. And etc., etc., etc…..

I’m sure if you thought hard enough, you could add many examples to this list, I know I could, but it would fill a small novel, and this is just my Blog.

So, In conclusion, If you think about it, would you marry someone with so many different contradictions between what they say, and what they do? I would hope not. So, why then, do so many people identify with the Republican Party?

Politics isn’t perfect, and you don’t have to, most assuredly will not, always agree with every action, position, or opinion of others, even within your own Party.

But can’t we all just agree that a better conversation and debate take place when the participants “Practice what they preach.”



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