Row of windmills. Source

So I was tooling around the Interwebs this weekend and came across this article:

Senate Votes To Prohibit Wind Farms Across Much Of NC Jun 21, 2016

So I thought to myself, “Why would they do a thing like that?”

So I read the article, and came across this part here:

“Bill sponsor Sen. Harry Brown (R-Onslow) says the measure protects airspace the state’s military bases use in training exercises.”

Wait, what? To protect airspace used for military training exercises? Huh!

Exactly how low are these planes flying?

The article basically lists the rationale as helping prevent the closure of military installations by protecting their training airspace.

This map, from the article, illustrates where the ban would be in effect (in any of the shaded areas):


I have a different theory.

The state of North Carolina has a Republican Legislature (both houses of it) and a Republican governor. Republicans have long been vocal proponents of more natural gas and oil exploration. Special interests have been lobbying the state for some time now to open up areas of the state to fracking.

It would not take a huge leap of faith to see that these politicians are trying to protect the interests of the oil and gas lobby.

Not to mention, their parties propensity to obstruct and block any progress towards cleaning up the environment or reducing our need for oil and coal.

This legislation is ridiculous! The reasoning behind it is laughable! And the truth behind it is transparent!

The state house still has to vote for this legislation, and, if the state Senate was any indication, it will come down along party lines. Which means, like the ridiculous HB-2, it will pass and be signed by the Governor, dealing one more blow to common sense and reality.

This is just one of the reasons why Republican’s Annoy Me!


Senate Votes To Prohibit Wind Farms Across Much Of NC

Jun 21, 2016