So, I don’t pretend to be a crack economist, or expert in trade and currency, but I do know this: Since Britain voted for “BREXIT” yesterday, that bad things occurred, and more are predicted. Not civilization ending, apocalyptic bad things, but things that were already addressed and solved, and now, will have to again.

The first thing to happen, within minutes of calling the vote, was the pound dropped nearly 10%.

From Politico’s Morning Energy: “and shortly after the BBC called the vote, the pound sterling collapsed by 10 percent $1.35, its lowest level since 1985.”

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, announced he was resigning. The International Climate Agreement will be affected. England will need to re-negotiate a lot of trade deals that the EU once did for everyone.

Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if, in the coming months and years, Scotland and N. Ireland try and leave the U.K.

Perhaps this video of John Oliver’s HBO show “Last Week Tonight” about it will clear some things up (warning, adult language):

All this extra work. All this potential to disrupt the world’s economies. Why?

It looks like to me, it was just a bunch of nationalistic, xenophobic fear mongering that led many to vote the way they did. Fear of refugees. Fear of a loss of control. Fear caused by simply not understanding how something works or why it works that way.

It seems the vote mostly fell upon age lines. With the older English voting to leave, and the younger voting to stay.

And how does that play in America? Well, first of all, you get things like this Tweeted by Major Party Candidates:

13507267_1168578806568505_5251103554990512682_nPhoto from: Facebook

I don’t know who Lily (@lilyallen) is, but I’d like to shake her hand.I’m not real sure what Trump thinks happened with this vote. If I were him, I’d fire whomever was advising me on foreign affairs! Actually, scratch that. You keep on getting advised by those advising you now. They’re doing a bang up job.

If you would like to see a map of the voting breakdown, revisit Politico’s Article.

What’s the similarity. Trump stokes his supporters fears (of Mexicans, of Muslims, of Losing their guns, etc., etc.) to gain support. Not dissimilar to the way that “Brexit” supporters stoked fears in England to get the votes they did.

I believe, in the coming weeks that we are going to see quite a bit of “buyer’s remorse” from the English. Especially once they realize what this entails and start to feel the effects on their economy.

Let’s not have a similar feeling in this country after November. Don’t vote for that man out of fear. Don’t vote for him simply because somebodies managed to convince you that the other candidate’s a crook, or you’ll loose your rights, or terrorists will flood the streets.

England is facing a real trial in the coming years, do you really want to live in a country as great as ours, and have to deal with similar?


Britain votes to leave the EU

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