Is it me, or is there starting to be some anger in this country about guns?

I was going to start writing about some Industries that are killing progress in this country, but then I saw reports about sit ins in the House (of Representatives. So, who am I kidding, I guess I’ll talk about guns!

So, House Democrats are staging a “sit-in” on the Floor of the House today. Literally, on the Floor of the House!


Photo Credit: House Democrats, including Rep. John Lewis (center), participate in a “sit-in” to demand a vote for gun control measures. | Photo by Rep. Chillie Pingree via AP

Now, I love it! But the right wing, and all its fans on Social Media are loosing their minds. But hey, all they want is a vote on the “no fly, no buy” rule. I mean, can’t we all just agree that if the FBI thinks you’re too dangerous to be in a plane, maybe you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun, right?

Well. turns out House Republicans don’t agree with most of America.

Perhaps you remember our Ass Hat of the Week, Paul Ryan (from last week). The Speaker of the House is trying to find a way to break the sit-in. As I write this, there is talk about sending in the Capitol Police to arrest everybody. There’s even talk about turning off the air conditioning. He’s even turned off CSPAN’s cameras in the House. Wouldn’t it just be easier to have a vote?

Why not vote if they’re so sure that they’d (Republican’s) would win? Would that be worse for them? My guess is Yes, Yes it would. Think about this: Would you rather, as a Republican Congressman, have a “NO” vote on record against a rule with 80% support across the country. Or. would you rather have the political cover to say “I don’t know how I would have voted, we never had a vote.”

When your Democratic opponent can attack you with the former, I bet you’d rather have the latter!

Either that, or the N.R.A. is really getting their money’s worth!


Democrats stage sit-in on House floor to force gun vote