First, let me say this. I am sickened and disgusted (if the two are possible to be simultaneous) at the Senate today. They had a chance to take a stand, and make some progress on preventing people from dying in the streets! Yet in 4 different votes today, all proposals were rejected (you guessed it, mostly ‘along party lines’).

When, I ask you, are we going to get angry enough as a nation to stop groups like the N.R.A. from buying our Representatives in Congress? How many more people are going to have to die?

Now, onto the reason I brought you here today. Warning, there’s some bad language in here.

The following are screenshots from a “conversation” that a friend of mine had over the weekend, in a Facebook Group for Veterans. The participants info. has been redacted to protect the sane and stupid alike. He admits, it was probably a futile gesture, but he said he couldn’t stay silent.

This is the question that prompted the discussion:

Conversation Example 1

Mostly trying to be funny (but failing). To be fair, the RNC has no choice in the matter, since it’s a policy of the arena.Although its not a very pretty thought of thousands of Trump supporters walking around armed, especially if they try to oust him as their nominee.

There was some brief talk about the merits of people in general being armed in public. Someone made a comment about having a tool and not needing it, as opposed to vice versa. My friend made a point about keeping a circular saw in his garage, even though he had no need for it, and having no training on it was more likely to injure himself. Not to mention that a kid could find and play with it injuring themselves.

The discussion was somewhat civil, for a change, then this happened:

Facebook Conversation 3 redacted

So, I’m not sure what the point of all the bravado was, and then calling my friend a “pussy.” So, somebody chimed in about how the President shouldn’t talk about gun control when he’s surrounded by armed guards. My buddy pointed out how dumb, and what a false equivalency that that thought was. Then there was this part:

Facebook coversation 2 redacted

More insults and then an attempt at distraction. After that, he said, he just blocked the other one, and turned off notices. Probably wished he had done that earlier.

My personal favorite insult: Libtard. It’s not in this example, but I see it more often than not.  Really. Really. That’s the best they could come up with?

Anyways, I guess if there’s a point I’m trying to make, it’s this:

This is how these people think! They keep an irrational fear alive that “they” are coming for their guns and freedom. That they need to be armed so that, when the government inevitably tries to oppress them, they can fight back. Why are we, as Liberals, always trying to use logic, reason, and civility to try and change people’s minds?

After all, aren’t their minds made up already. It’s like they all get a playbook on how to debate the Republican way; make circular counterarguments, pointless and false points, red herrings, and when that fails, just insult someone.

Bill Clinton once said why he loved Republicans, “The facts don’t phase them.” I’m sure you could say that we do the same thing, but I’ve come to find that our arguments are grounded in abnormal things like data and facts, not Raw emotion and stubbornness in the face of proof. Seriously, if you make a point and refer to an official study or experiment, what is the response you generally get? I bet it’s something like, “Those are just numbers put together by a Liberal bunch of scientists,” or something similar.

I’m tired of wasting energy trying to make a point. They’re too dug in. Republicans believe whatever load of hooey that their “leaders” throw at them. They are extremely capable of making leaps of faith like: “Keeping people on terror watch lists, or no-fly lists, from buying a gun  means they’re coming for my guns!” What the what? I’m done!

Don’t you do it either! Don’t waste your time and energy trying to rationalize with the irrational people on the Right.

Politics is interesting, to me and probably you if you’re reading this, but to someone who gets their opinions and “facts” in sound bites, or from Fox News, it’s only a sore spot that enrages passion and anger in people. When you try and make a point, YOU get pissed because of the frustration of not being able to at least get SOME kind of acknowledgement of your point.

Nike says “Just Do It.” I say, “Just Don’t Do It!” Don’t engage with these intransigent, unthinking, rude jack asses. Not in real life, and especially not on the Internet.

Let’s all just save our energy, show up, and OUTVOTE these clowns. Maybe then, after a thorough trouncing, and some time in the minority, we might be able to get some open minded discussions out of them.