In the last week I’ve seen a lot of Internet memes like this one:

AR 15 Comparison Meme

O.K. Let’s skip over the fact that there are at least a dozen things here that are misstated, exaggerated and plain incorrect.

I wanted to call your attention to one thing in particular. Where on this (or similar) memes is the mention of mass shootings? Where on the A/B chart is this comparison? A. Used for target shooting and learning proper use and care of a rifle. B. Used by people to emulate a militaristic style, has no practical civilian use.

This is a very good example of why Republicans Annoy Me! The issue is, mass shootings and how do we prevent them in the future. One proposed solution is banning the sale of assault weapons (again). The 2nd Amendment is absolute, “you shall not even entertain the thought of touching my guns,” crowd is obviously against this. The makers and retailers of these weapons is obviously against this as well.

So, instead of making a passionate and logical argument for their views, they do this instead; Put out memes and have discussions about how “Military Grade” assault weapons does not really apply to civilian models. About how an assault weapon is no different than a regular rifle. They drag rational people into arguments over the difference between “Automatic” and Semi-automatic.” (as if the victim cares how many rounds came out of the rifle each time the trigger was squeezed) They shift the discussion to the wording versus the spirit of the 2nd Amendment. When you think you’ve countered those, here comes the concern over “due process” and the Terror Watch List.

They miss the point completely:


It really doesn’t matter what they are being shot with, does it?

From issue to issue (abortion, entitlements, the debt/deficit, health care [remember “Death Panels], etc.) they do this, distract from the real question. That is sad, because at one time in this country, both sides might have different opinions on how to solve a problem, but at least they both recognized there was a problem. Republicans nowadays have to be cornered and forced to even say there’s a problem with gun related deaths in this country. (or anything really, other than the made up ones, like transgender assaults in the bathroom)

The next time you find yourself in one of these pointless discussions, ask this:


The N.R.A., and those of the same mindset, have one tactic that works, to muddy the waters until it becomes impossible to remember the real point of the argument; people are dying! The N.R.A. only wants the manufacturers to sell more guns, to keep their contributions flowing. If this means our children die on the streets every day, so be it! Why else do they have an article on their website titled “The AR-15: American’s Best defense against terror and crime?” Because they’re such fans of the AR-15, or is it a clever marketing ploy? When was the last time you heard of someone using an AR-15 to stop a robbery, or return fire at a mass shooting?

You haven’t, right?

Why do we, as a country, allow this to go on year after year? Denial. Obstruction. Ignorance.

Force them to answer the question, or just don’t waste your time. They don’t see a problem, and you can’t make them see it (unless, God forbid, a tragedy hits them close to home). Save your precious energy for somebody who actually wants to work and COMPROMISE and solve the problem!

Understand this:

Make no mistake about it, Gun Control is not about Constitutional Freedoms, Government overreach, or whatever the argument is this week for Republicans and their allies in the N.R.A. (and yes, some Democrats too). That’s just the smoke and mirrors. It is about keeping the tap open on the flow of money from the sales of LEGAL firearms in this country. If we keep more styles of guns legal, there is a bigger selection to buy. If we make you think people are coming to take them away, we’ll sell more guns faster (that’s a sales tactic called Impending Doom, by the way). Instead of doing this themselves (the Manufacturer’s), they’ll just pour money into the NRA and have them stoke the fires. Then they (the N.R.A. and lobbyists) can write the checks to the politicians they need to buy. That way, they (Manufacturer’s) keep our hands out of it. To me, that sounds a lot like money laundering.

There is going to be a vote in the Senate, come Monday, on four pieces of legislation. They will probably be voted down in a Republican Controlled Senate. Democrats had to stage a filibuster just to force these votes. That should raise the question in your mind: Just whom are these Senators representing, if they weren’t even going to talk about this issue?

You should e-mail them and ask!


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