Republicans Annoy Me!

Unapologetically Liberal!


Welcome to my Blog. I hope you enjoy some of the posts I write. You may not agree with some of the points, but you should be challenged by them.

In the last three decades or so, I have watched the Republican Party descend from a proud party, with sensible leaders who understood the value of compromise and moving forward into the Lowest Common Denominator of American Politics.

We are not here with the intent of bashing ALL Republicans, mostly just their leaders and ideals. Don’t get me wrong, if need be, any thought, idea or action is fair game. We just want to point out some anachronistic viewpoints. Democrats who cross the line of reason shall be called out as well.

My hope is, if you’re reading this, and a member of the G.O.P., that instead of just getting angry, try and focus that into more constructive uses, like getting your party back on the rails! If you don’t, we just might see a Political Party perish in our lifetimes.